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The Chair Repair Shop

The Chair Repair Shop

Chair/Furniture Repairs of all Types

Chairs Reglued


Re-glue Chairs

We repair chairs the right way! We carefully dismantle the chair and replace any internal dowels if necessary and put it all back together and warranty it for 10 years. Dining room chair reglues cost $45.00 each if the entire chair needs glued, which is the case in most projects. After taking it apart the other joints usually come apart as well. The cost to repair the rocker (and most projects like this) was $65.00. 


Dining room chairs

A typical dining room chair reglue


Bag of parts!!!!

Sometimes our clients will bring is a chair in a bag to reconstruct for them. We love a good challenge.

Special Projects


Custom Made to Order spindles

John loves to make cool stuff on his lathe. We can turn almost any type of spindle if necessary but old spindles can be repaired at times without having to make a new one. It often looks worse than it is. 


Old porch railing system rotted out

Because we are quite busy with chairs we don't advertise special projects in our ads and social media but we sure love to do them. This old porch railing system finally rotted out so we re-constructed it back to original. It was made by our clients father many years ago and they wanted it to be replicated so we met the challenge! 


Close the deal

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Veneer Work


Walnut Chair

The seat is in need of replacement


Remove the old seat

Same chair with the seat removed.


Install the new seat

Walnut veneer makes this chair look like it was never worked on.

Special Projects

custom spindles turned

John loves to make cool stuff on his lathe. We can replicate spindles that are beyond repair but keep in mind that we can repair most spindles that come to our shop. Often times it looks worse than it is and John can mold in new pieces into the old spindle if needed. If you are missing a spindle we can replace it and make it look just like the others. Don't throw out that oldie if you think it live on with a little TLC.