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The Chair Repair Shop

The Chair Repair Shop

Cane/Rush/Wicker/Reed/Danish Cord


Hand Weave Rattan Cane

Cindy is finishing up on a hand weave chair back. This cane is all woven strand by strand and takes a fair amount of time to complete. There are 7 courses in this method including a border around the perimeter when finished. This service costs $2.00 per drilled hole. A typical chair may have 70 holes so the cost would be $140.00 which includes our 10 year unlimited warranty on the work and the product. 


Pressed or machine cane

Pictured to the right is a wingback pressed cane chair. This method has a groove routed into the perimeter of the cane which uses a "spline" to hold it in with glue. It's sort of like repairing a screen door but only a little more picky. This service costs $6.50/Inch. A typical dining room chair seat will be from 12" to usually not more than 14" but you will find seats larger than that at times. A 12" seat would cost $78.00 to replace with our 10 year warranty.


1/2" Smoked reed seat and back

This cool rocker had a total makeover with the back and seat getting new reed. It is typically woven into a herringbone pattern but often times clients prefer a basket weave pattern.  This service costs $7.00/inch. The seat is 16" so the price  would be $112.00 and the back is 12" for a cost of $84.00. So the total price of the chair including the seat and back is $196.00


Rush Weave Seats

The most common rush seats are pictured to the left. These are ladderbacks that needed a makeover. This service costs $6.00/inch. A typical chair like the ones pictured will cost around $84.00 plus $10.00 for a color match if you wish. 


Danish Cord

Danish cord weaves are typically two different styles.The style to the right is what you will find most often. This service costs $7.50/inch


Danish Cord Center weave

Another pattern for danish cord is the same pattern found in the rush seats. This weave requires a "different" kind of seat in order to maintain the integrity of the danish cord. 


Patio Chair Plastic Wicker

This plastic wicker comes in a huge variety of colors. The cost of this weave is $7.50/Inch


1/4 Flat/Oval Reed

This reed is oval on the top and flat on the bottom and is used on stools as well as chairs. This service costs $7.50/inch


Basket weaving

We brought this old shopping pull cart back to life and matched it with this cool little rocker.