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The Chair Repair Shop

The Chair Repair ShopThe Chair Repair Shop


Re-opening May 12, 2020 with restrictions

 CHAIR REPAIR SHOP NOTICE: Until the testing can be done in mass amounts we cannot be safe. We can pretend to be safe. But we aren't safe. Listening to the Government tell us that we are safe doesn't make us safe. Hearing the Administration tell us that we have the best testing in the world doesn't make it so. The virus is devastating. The Government lying to us daily is devastating as well. We cannot trust the elected leaders to be honest, as they see this as a political agenda and not a life saving agenda. So putting politics aside, Me and Cindy have our own business. This is the lifestyle we have chosen and we have worked hard to achieve the point where we can live on our income. Now we face the decision to continue on with our life as we know it....or not. Opening the economy is dangerous at this point in time. Not enough testing has been done to research the data that time has given us, and not enough testing has been done to know that we have flattened the curve. Should we open for business? Here are our thoughts....we will not be entering anyone's home unless the occupants are wearing protective equipment. We will gladly pick up your furniture for repair only of it can be placed outside the home or office for pick up. We will be using masks and gloves that are disposed of after each visit. We ask that you do the same if you are anywhere close to us upon arrival. We will be asking all of our clients to please pay with a debit card or a credit card. If cash or check is the only option for you, we ask that you place it in a sealed baggie so it can be handled safely. We will follow these guidelines to the letter and if we deem a situation to be unsafe we will not be able to serve you at this time. That decision will be ours and ours alone. We will not put ourselves or our clients in danger. We will trust our decisions to be the best course of action for you, and us. It's unfortunate that we cannot trust all of the leaders we have elected but we CAN trust each other to do the right thing FOR each other. Perhaps we can actually live by the often used but not often practiced slogan "we are in this together." Thanks for reading this, and all suggestions are welcome and encouraged.